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News from our Leading Spa Blog

A visit to the Hotel Ritzenhof!

On Thursday, September 17th, 2020 I was able to pay a visit to the Ritzenhof - Hotel and Spa am See. Finally, because I only knew the hotel from pictures. Accordingly, I was curious to see whether my expectations would be met. Even the drive there, past numerous mountain railways and a beautiful mountain backdrop, showed me the beauty of the Saalbach / Leogang region. After a pleasant and uncomplicated journey by car, I arrived at the hotel in the morning. The first thing that struck me was the ideal location of the hotel. The building was only a 2-minute drive from the town center, in an absolutely quiet location, surrounded by nature. Even from the outside it made a very sophisticated impression. The entrance area was nicely decorated and our golden hotel entrance sign beamed at me. In the lobby I also discovered our glass displays: “Leading Spa Resorts Best Quality” and the “Leading Spa YES WE ARE”. I was greeted with a nice smile at reception and asked to be patient for a moment. Ms. Schnellberger, the company's head of marketing, would be ready for an interview with me shortly. I used the waiting time to scroll through the current spa menu. When I saw the wide range on offer, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have time for a treatment that day. I hope I can do that again sometime! Ms. Schnellberger came to pick me up at the reception and took me to the adjoining bar. The facility was an absolute feel-good factor. So we made ourselves comfortable for the interview. Angelika, as Ms. Schnellberger is better called, answered all my questions about the hotel in detail and patiently and told me many more details. We talked about the development of the house, its special features, current offers, activities and it gave me a glimpse into the future of the Ritzenhof. After our conversation I was looking forward to a tour of the hotel. The first way led us into the underground spa area. This offers enough space for relaxation on over 1,300 square meters. In addition to several treatment rooms, the wellness area has a family sauna, a steam sauna, an infrared cabin, a sanarium and a Finnish sauna in the outdoor area with a wonderful panoramic view of the Ritzensee. By the way, from here you can take a dip in the lake after the sauna. Another important part of the wellness area is the indoor pool. With a size of 7 by 10 meters and a water temperature of a pleasant 30 degrees, you have enough space to splash around or swim laps. An absolute highlight of the underground spa is the direct transition to the Ritzensee. So, get out of the spa area and you're on the large private lawn with access to the lake. The outside area is beautifully laid out. Whether on the four-poster bed, the pergola or the floating lounger, you can really enjoy your time at the lake here. The tour continued into the restaurant and the panorama suite. The concept of the house can be seen in every room. Nothing should distract from the relaxing vacation. You deliberately avoid unnecessary stimuli here. The architectural language is clear and straightforward, modern, high quality, simple and with a focus on the essentials. In the panorama suite I was really amazed again. The view from the roof terrace of the lake below was simply breathtaking. So it's no wonder that this 65 square meter suite with four-poster bed and free-standing bathtub is very popular for honeymoon vacations, as Angelika told me. After this successful conclusion, my day at the Ritzenhof Hotel and Spa was unfortunately drawing to a close. I reviewed the impressions I had gained over a cup of coffee on the sun terrace with a view of Ritzen Castle and made my way home again. At this point I would like to thank you once again for the day at the Ritzenhof Hotel and Spa am See. Especially from Ms. Angelika Schnellberger for your commitment and your friendly support.

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Wellness vacation at the highest level

If you have opted for first-class wellness holidays, then you are in the right place with the luxurious Leading Wellness, Spa and Beauty Hotels & Resorts: the best wellness hotels and spa resorts in Austria, Germany, Italy (South Tyrol), Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and the Netherlands. The selected wellness hotels and spa resorts are located in the most beautiful, quiet and natural locations, to offer pampered wellness guests wellness deluxe with 4 or 5 stars. Whether for a wellness weekend, a short break or even a longer break. In our wellness hotels you will find spacious wellness areas, high-quality and designed with great attention to detail. Various theme saunas and steam baths, pools with caves or waterfalls, dreamlike relaxation rooms with water or hay beds, fitness and gymnastics areas and treatment zones for exclusive cosmetics, massages or baths. The most beautiful and exclusive rooms & suites for your rest and relaxation can be found in our wellness hotels and spa resorts. Courteous service, but also sports offers such as golf, tennis and horseback riding as well as creative and balanced gourmet cuisine based on carefully selected, low-fat ingredients are standard features of our spa hotels. Culinary delights of the top class, whether during the pampering breakfast, lunch snack or exclusive dinner with gourmet menu or rich buffet. Of course, you can trust in the quality of every single hotel, as only the best rated hotels are eligible for the Leading Spa Resort award